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January 2015                 A trip east, some illogical logic and vintage approaching...




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December 2014                Walls of green, what do you really drink & the year draws to a close.


November 2014                A cooler year so far, fingers crossed for the Philippines & where does all the time go?


October 2014                Tasting the 2014 vintage and times are a changing in Bordeaux...or are they...







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The monthly reports presented on our vineyards website are used to summarise the activities that are going on in the vineyard and winery, refer to aspects of the community around us, and give a regular record of the weather that inputs on all areas of making fine wine in the Margaret River region.  They are not all encompassing but are presented to provide a snap shot of each month at Blue Poles.


Please feel free to contact us if you find anything that piques your interest, or to seek further information on any of the points raised – we’ll do our best to respond in a timely manner.





Mark Gifford and Tim Markwell

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