Chardonnay 2020

  • “Delicious lift of stone fruits and a hint of citrus zing (not too cold please)… almost a touch of lime zest… and as it opens more here comes the notes that peek from behind the fresh nectarine. Nutmeg, ginger (fresh and slight), fresh hay – those dry remnants left in the heat of the day after the baler has gone through, deep earthy background – and juicy pear.

    The first sip is providing the bass line of our nectarine groove (is that apricot winking at me?), with that line moving into a long, tasty length and as you mull you note the wine growing and flexing. Second followed by the third sip gives you those hidden gems of notes, with a herbal lick of chives passing through the periphery. Hard not to love. Hard to not keep seeking the fleeting in the glass by nose and by palate. Drink it, age it – you’re going to enjoy it.”