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Monthly Report - July 2011


Pruning continues in earnest …


Man it was cold today, last day of the month and Tim had come across from Melbourne to spend a few days with us before heading off to his next airport lounge and flight, and we wanted to get some pruning done.  Well we tried this morning, but the wind was howling in from the SW at gusts of 90kph, the dog was shivering, our noses were cherry red, and rain was starting to hit us like hail stones on their horizontal paths – so we went and had a cup of tea while the weather howled outside.


Overall though the weather has been pretty good this month with average rainfall and mild days, meaning most days have been going up and down the rows when not working inside on my other little jobs.  The Merlot has been pruned and a portion of the Cabernet Franc – so there is about three weeks of cutting and tying to finish off this yearly task.  I do have further work abroad early in August (see photo below of how I get to work in the Philippines), but I then have a good 3 weeks to crack on and try and finish it off before spring pops up while we weren’t looking.


Hasn’t the year gone quickly though.  I have put on my “to do” list a heap of little jobs to tidy up within the vineyard (mostly wires – if you are an expert at stretching and tying wire trellising then the adoration of every vigneron is yours to behold) – but as yet have not had a good go at them.  I can see September closing in with little action there as well, so pretty much the next 2-3 months have little in the way of “golf” days allocated.


This month also heralded the release of the 2008 Allouran to the mailing list.  As it is our 10th year anniversary from the start of this adventure we have offered a special deal associated with our most important wine – the Allouran.  Contact us if you would like to check it out – it is very unlikely that you would be disappointed.


So as you can see, a quiet month of pruning.  We have made it to a couple of wine dinners and they were exceptional, especially a lovely dinner at Aaron and Marion’s house in Perth where the wines kept coming and the food matched their quality.  Of course the Tour de France finished with an Aussie on the top of the podium, never thought I’d see the day, and I am very grateful for the early nights now after 3 weeks of riding through the French countryside.

201107_Arriving at Pan de Azucar.jpg

The only way to get to work - geologizing in the Philippines

Cool and wet...


The month of July started off with a bucket full of rain, and then finished the same way thus we have had a good month for rainfall with our dam overflowing on 30 July.  It has been cool with maximums rarely breaking 18°C, but the minimums have not been too dramatic either, so we seemed to have reached a comfortable middle ground for the month.


The numbers for the month and last year’s figures are provided below:

July 2011:     

Avg Maximum Temp          16.3°C

Daily Max recorded            18.9°C


Avg Minimum Temp             7.9°C               

Daily Min recorded               1.2°C


Rainfall:                               210.5mm

The maximum is slightly cooler and the minimum temperature range slightly warmer in comparison to last years and this can be explained by the clear cloudless days encountered in 2010.  Rainfall is higher in comparison and with good rainfall in June 2011 total rainfall is almost equal to the total rainfall in 2010 (611mm versus 681mm).

July 2010:      

Avg Maximum Temp          16.5°C

Daily Max recorded            19.9°C

Avg Minimum Temp             7.0°C

Daily Min recorded               1.6°C


Rainfall:                              179.2mm

And on it goes …


I have a quick trip into the Philippines for some geologizing, and then it is back into the vines and on to the pruning.  It is a very satisfying to see the vineyard get cleared and set, but it is a long winded process and one that is as much mind over matter with cold mornings and 300m rows stretching off in front of me.  If anyone is keen to help, please feel free to drop in, I make a nice cup of tea.

As always if you have any queries about what’s been written or about wine in general, do not hesitate to contact us either by email or and we’ll do our very best to answer any question.





Mark Gifford

Blue Poles Vineyard

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