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Our story

Developed in 2001 from an empty paddock in the picturesque Rosa Brook, Blue Poles Vineyard has now become recognised as one of the premier vineyards and wines in Margaret River.  Growing world class Merlot and Cabernet Franc, the estate has forged a reputation of excellence with these varieties both as varietal wines and as a blend (Allouran) – the terroir, the reduced yields and the care and attention along every step in these grapes and wines production has meant more and more acclaim.

Owned by two families, this winery in the Margaret River region is truly boutique in both its conception and its development.  Our site was selected due to the depth of laterite gravels and nature of the subsoils, the subtle recognition of a cooler micro-climate, and the topography aiding in the ripening of the grapes which preserves acid but maximises tannin and flavour.  These small but critical factors have ensured our wines are not manipulated at the winery in any way – ensuring the truest and most honest representation of site is made available to the drinker.

The vineyard was named after the Jackson Pollock painting Blue Poles: Number 11, 1952.  It was purchased for the princely sum of $1 million by the Australian National Gallery in the early 1970’s which caused much consternation and outrage in Australia at the time.  This purchase however is now seen as a watershed in Australian history as it represented a move away from the colonial ties that bound Australia and brought it into the new world of independence and free thought – we hope to emulate some of these traits within the wine region, our vineyard and our resultant wines.

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