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The vineyard



Blue Poles Vineyard was conceived such that the grape vines planted suit all aspects of the location and even the micro variations noted within the property – with our varieties planted to be in harmony with their “terroir” we hoped that each variety had an opportunity to express itself in its most positive light. Thus the inland location, the southern and western aspects of our slopes, and a complex of geologies and soil types provide opportunity for the vines to thrive in their specific micro-settings.

A total of 6 hectares have been planted at Blue Poles vineyard, with Merlot and Cabernet Franc filling 3 hectares along the slope of lateritic gravels, Shiraz having 1.3 hectares within a complex of granitic sediments, and Chardonnay is 0.5 hectares set at the top of the property to catch the evening rays. Smaller 0.4 - 0.2-hectare blocks of Viognier, Teroldego and Marsanne complete the varietal mix and they sit in the lower slopes on the western fringe – slightly warmer than the Merlot and Cabernet Franc, but also having more clay in the soil, preserving moisture a little better than those well-drained lateritic soils.

It took two years of searching and geological review to find this special property. Every vintage we are reminded of how lucky we are, as the grapes ripen so slowly and evenly, preserving acid and generating smooth and abundant tannins which both combine to allow our wines to age impeccably, and to have a beauty and balance that is impossible to replicate.

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