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Deux Écus (Reserve Allouran)

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2018 Deux Écus

Every vintage since 2005 on, we have gained experience and attained another piece in the puzzle.  I have religiously kept notes on the climate, the picking dates, tasting of ferments, barrel selections and blending trials – with these notes having been my guide on this path and formed the basis of the belief that our site could make an exceptional wine, without compromise, and equivalent to the best examples in the world.  In 2018, we had a vintage that provided the opportunity to complete the circle.
From the barrel tastings completed in late 2019, a very specific combination of Merlot and Cabernet Franc barrels was defined, and this has been combined to form a Reserve Allouran.  It is special, it is as good as many of the wines I have tasted throughout my times in Bordeaux – tasting in barrel halls and in a sense, palaces – and it marks a high point in our vineyard’s existence.
To acknowledge the importance of the wine we have named the wine “Deux Écus”.  This name commemorates the voyage of Captain Saint de Aloüarn who claimed Western Australia for France by burying “two coins” on our barren coastline near Monkey Mia in March 1772.  The great colonial carve up of Australia was eventually secured by Britain alone, but these coins tell a tale of how close we were to having excellent bread and even poorer driving skills.  You can see the coins on show at the Fremantle Maritime Museum (and it is a lovely place to visit).

72 doz made.

Sold out.


Gary Walsh,   

“Strong colour, and gee it’s an intense wine to smell too. Essence of blackcurrant and raspberry, almost to liqueur-like in strength of signal, dark chocolate, baking spices, and pleasant note of fresh green herbs. Medium-bodied, concentrated fruit flavour, a little cocoa and black olive, firm fine gravelly tannin, freshness, and a very long and tight finish, all that delicious tannin sweeping it along. Such a potent wine built for the long haul.” 96pts GW


Technical Details


Picked 19 March 2018

Baume 13.4

pH 3.23

TA 6.4


Cabernet Franc:

Picked 22 March 2018

Baume 13.7

pH 3.57

TA 5.9

The wine was curated by Clive Otto and Kate Morgan and fermented in a closed vat and continuously “pumped over” to extract colour and tannins softly, with ferment being completed after 14 days.  The wine was pressed and placed in French oak barrels and stored for 22 months. 


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